Photo London 2019 Public Programme

If you are passionate about photography, then we highly recommend you to attend the Photo London 2019 Public Programme. An international event like this will certainly help you improve your knowledge about this field, not to mention the fact that you can make new and long-term contacts. For more information about it continue to read our article.


The event was created was created in order to give to this metropolis, an international photography befitting the city’s status as a worldwide cultural capital. In 2019, the event will be at its fifth edition, and even though it is quite new, it has attracted in the past years lots of visitors and photography enthusiasts. This world-class photography Fair is somehow a catalyst for the metropolis’ vibrant photography community. As you probably already know, London has plenty of museums, art galleries, as well as auction houses, and from all these locations and not only, the city harnesses creative talents and brings together at this international programme the world’s leading photographers, various exhibitors, dealers, curators, and visitors, in order to celebrate photography.


Along with the great selection of the best galleries, Photo London Programme will also present the Discovery section which is especially created for the most exciting galleries and artists in the branch. The original and extremely interesting Public Programme will gather together various exhibitions, installations, and a Talks Programme. This programme will be curated by William A. Ewing, who is today a renowned curator and writer, and a former Director of Exhibitions in New York, at the famous International Center of Photography. Every year, the event gives the Photo London Master of Photography Award to those who are truly professional and have brought on the market something totally new and unique. Pre-Fair Talks are also taken place at the Fair every year, as well as related events where visitors can learn interesting stuff about photography. This Programme is a place where you can meet the most innovative artists in the field, unique work by established masters, and lots of vintage pieces. It is something that will certainly have a positive impact on you as a photographer and on anyone else who actually plans to become one in the future.


Photo London Public Programme is produced by the internationally renowned cultural consultancy, Candlestar, which has an excellent reputation in this field. Since its development, Photo London has had a large number of visitors from every corner of the world, and it has been extremely appreciated. If you want to attend it this year as well but you have no one to come with, then don’t worry because in London you can easily and quickly find a charming escort. In case you didn’t know so far, London escorts can be hired for keeping company to single men to various events and shows. Not only they can be absolutely amazing, but they know exactly how to dress and act depending on the situation. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about these aspects, as the escort will do everything she can in order to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the time spent with her.

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