Best Photographers in the UK

Being an excellent photographer definitely requires lots of work, involvement, as well as passion. If you are looking for professionals in this field across the United Kingdom, then continue to read our article. We will show you the best ones so that you can easily make the best choice.

Apresh Cavda

Apresh Cavda is a London-based photographer, specialized in weddings. He has a great portfolio that includes weddings all over the UK and world. He says about himself that he is a visual storyteller, and what he wants to offer are some amazing photographs that will spark even more wonderful memories. Therefore, if you are planning your wedding, then contact Apresh Cavda for more information about his services.

Emma Warley

Another excellent wedding photographer that we strongly recommend is Emma Warley. She doesn’t only takes exceptional photos but creates films as well, with her unique, creative, and fun way of telling the client’s story. Emma Warley has her studio located in Scarborough, but she travels most of the times across Yorkshire, the United Kingdom, and to many other locations all over the world, in order to make memories that will last forever and beyond. Clients should note that all the travel expenses are included in the package price. Emma has shot since 2014, over 50 weddings as the main photographer, and she says about her style that it is super fun with a sprinkle of creative portraiture.

Dominique Shaw

Dominique Shaw has been in business since 2006. When it comes to his style, he describes it as a street photography style. His studio is in Scarborough and he is also available for travelling. His portfolio doesn’t only includes wedding photographs, but engagements as well. Therefore, if you are interested in professional photography services, then don’t hesitate and contact Dominique Shaw.

Liam Shaw

Liam Shaw has more than 10 years of experience in the field, and he is considered today one of the best photographers in the United Kingdom. His style is a quite complex one yet extremely beautiful. Liam Shaw’s interest as a photographer is focused on capturing the uniqueness of the individual. He approaches his wedding work in the same way as his street photography.

Jessica Raphael

When this professional UK photographer puts your wedding day to the paper, she will cover every emotional moment that will last forever. She will certainly not miss a beat of your special day. Jessica has a strong knowledge in terms of photography and she will know exactly what to do in order to make your wedding album an exceptional one.

Chris Barber

This photographer’s shots will catch you and your guests at your most sincere expressions, and all your special moments, so that you can immerse yourself in long after the big event. Even though his prices are quite high, seeing his works will certainly convince you to hire him.

Alex Beckett

We want to end our article with the last but not the least amazing British photographer, Alex Beckett. He has a unique style that will surely amaze you. Extremely attractive and with plenty of emotions, his photographs are simply spectacular.

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