Amazing Photography Locations in the UK

All photographers look for new and interesting places to take the most unique and incredible shots. The United Kingdom is an amazing country where you can find plenty of stunning landscapes, not to mention the big cities which are perfect in case the photographer is passionate about city life. For some inspiration, check out the following amazing photography locations in the UK.


You just cannot go to the UK to take some shots and not photograph the stunning British capital, London. The famous tourist landmarks such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, or Buckingham Palace look simply beautiful in the sunset. There are also other gorgeous landscape opportunities at Canary Wharf and some urban photography options at Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel. All in all, this vibrant metropolitan city does have it all.

Carreg Cennen

This castle has a haunting atmosphere due to the fact that it is located in a spectacular location, the Beacons National Park. There are plenty of layers of history that are waiting to be discovered. There is no doubt that this place is full of opportunities for all types of photographers. Carreg Cennen is a real standout location.

Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast is another world heritage site, situated between East Devon and Dorset. This is not a historic landmark, but an excellent place for photographers as well. The landscapes from here are absolutely beautiful and full of charm and mystery.

Yorkshire Dales

Yorkshire Dales is certainly one of the most amazing photography locations in the United Kingdom. We believe so due to the fact that the location has a stunning waterfall, a tarn, as well as lots of limestone. We strongly recommend Malham, which is an impressive site, no matter at what level you are as a photographer. This is not everything, because there are also other notable spots such as Swaledale and Buttertubs, bot equally as amazing for different reasons.

Cornish Coast

If you like taking shots of the sea and the beach, then the Cornish Coast in the UK is where you should go. In the summertime, the golden beaches along the Cornish coasts thrive. Once you get here you must not miss the breath-taking sunrise. However, if you miss it you can still take some unique shots of the entire landscape, which looks surreal.


In this part of England, you will have the chance to visit and photograph the most wonderful castles. Northumberland is without a doubt an undeniably special heritage, with its many beautiful views of Hadrian’s Wall, the national park, and also the spectacular coastline. All in all, Northumberland is a must-see location for any aspiring photographer.


Bath features rolling hills, lovely and picturesque town center, and sandstone facades. All of them together create an unforgettable picture that must be caught in a photo. This job comes to photographers, no matter if they are professionals or beginners. Bath is today a recognized World Heritage Site, and its beauty has been hand-picked in order to be very well preserved for many generations, which means that it is the perfect place for historical photography.

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